ARCHIVE: Seminars

BioMag-Aalto-UH seminars

  • Default scheduling: Wednesdays at 13:30
  • Default forum: Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level, Stenbäckinkatu 9, Helsinki
  • Remotely on Teams
1.3.2023 13:30 Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level
Estanislao Porta tells about his MSc Thesis and about the benefits of using Git
15.2.2023 13:30 Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level
Päivi Nevalainen and Nastasia Arkhipova: Linking intracranial stimulations and high frequency oscillations (HFO) in stereo-EEG
8.2.2023 13:30 Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level
Ivan Zubarev: Decoding multiple real and imaginary same-hand movements from the MEG measurements
1.2.2023 13:30 Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level
Ilkka Nissilä: Current developments in optical imaging at Aalto NBE
18.1.2023 13:30 Big Cabinet (Iso kabinetti), HUS Administration Centre, Ground Level
Verna Heikkinen: Capturing individual variation in children’s oscillatory brain activity during nREM sleep
16.12.2022 14:00 Women’s Hospital, Lecture Room 1 in the tunnel-level
Eero Salli: About MRI segmentation, especially for epilepsy surgery
9.12.2022 14:00 Women’s Hospital, Lecture Room 1 in the tunnel-level
Tommi Raij: Selective modulation of cortico-cortical evoked potentials
25.11.2022 14:00 Women’s Hospital, Lecture Room 1 in the tunnel-level
Lindsey Power: Normal and Pathological Transient Events in Ageing: Observations from Big MEG Data
4.11.2022 14:00 Triangle Hospital, Training Room 3.005 (3. Floor)
Shrikanth Kulashekhar: The Role of ChronoMaps in Interval Timing
6.5.2022 14:00 (EET) remotely on Zoom
Juha Salmitaival: Naturalistic paradigms for clinical cognitive neuroscience
31.3.2022 16:00 (EET) remotely on Zoom
Patrik Wikman: Brain networks of selective attention to cocktail party speech
4.2.2022 14:00 (EET) remotely on Zoom
Anni Nora: Dynamic time-locking mechanism in the cortical representation of spoken words
5.11.2021 14:00 (EET) remotely on Zoom
Linda Henriksson: MEG for visual neuroscience (Announcement)

BioMag-NSU seminars

  • Default scheduling: Thursdays at 9:30
  • Default forum: remotely on Zoom
4.11.2020 9:30 remotely on Zoom
Andrey Zhdanov: Can EEG help us to better select treatments for depression patients?
7.10.2020 15:00-16:00 remotely on Zoom
Olivia Gosseries: TMS-EEG in altered states of consciousness (in collaboration with Helsinki TMS Hub)
10.9.2020 9:00-12:00 remotely on Zoom
Helsinki TMS Hub Kickoff – Mini-conference
12.8.2020 9:30 remotely on Zoom
Pantelis Lioumis: Mapping of cortical speech areas with TMS for presurgical evaluation and language network studies (for docentship)
Ilkka Nissilä: Applications of diffuse optical tomography in neuroimaging
Giuliano Didio: Optic control of brain plasticity – shedding light on learning and memory
4.12.2019 10:00 am
Sheng Wang: Bistable critical dynamics in the resting-state human brain
Baran Aydogan: Diffusion MRI based fiber tractography: A crash course on challenges and good practices
Amit Jaiswal: Beamforming with Neuromag MEG data. How to make it work?
Joonas Iivanainen: New developments in MEG sensing: To the scalp… and beyond!
Irina Anurova: Anatomical and functional brain plasticity following early blindness
Sasa Kivisaari: The neural basis of understanding object meaning – implications for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
Andrey Rodionov: Long-term paired associative stimulation: mechanisms of therapeutic action in spinal cord injury patients
14.3.2019 10:00 am
Mia Liljeström: Using MEG to study language – from local activation patterns to large-scale networks
Hanna Renvall: Introduction
29.1.2019 9:00-12:00 Seth Wichmann auditorium, Women’s Hospital
Docent seminar: Jyrki Mäkelä
Sergei Tugin: Stimulation of the primary motor cortex with a novel multi-coil TMS device
Hanna Halme: MEG-based brain-computer interfaces: methods and challenges
8.11.2018 9:00 am
Santeri Rouhinen: Role of oscillations in visual perception: attention and working memory (rehearsal for Lectio Praecursoria; in English)
Tatiana Evsiukova: Epilepsy care in Norway – some elements
Hamed Haque: Content dependent large-scale synchronization in visual working memory
Anastasia Shulga: Long-term paired associative stimulation – clinical evidence from 18 patients
Joonas Haakana: Korkeataajuisen MEG-signaalin signaali-kohinasuhteen parantaminen OTP-algoritmin avulla (in Finnish)
Piia Lönnberg: Secondary somatosensory cortex responses to tactile stimulation in MEG in children born extremely preterm
Andrey Rodionov: Long-term paired associative stimulation: neural mechanisms and clinical outcomes in spinal cord injury patients
Ritva Paetau: Childhood epilepsy syndromes – the MEG view
Niko Mäkelä: Locating functional brain areas with magnetic stimulation and electrophysiological neuroimaging (rehearsal for Lectio Praecursoria; in Finnish)
Nitin Williams: Phase-coupled systems from human intra-cerebral recordings comprise functionally related, spatially contiguous regions
19.2.2018 13:00 am
Ivan Zubarev: Robust automated estimation of event-related brain responses for single-trial magnetoencephalography
25.1.2018 10:00 am
Pantelis Lioumis: Neurostimulation in Psychiatry: TMS-EEG for monitoring therapeutic interventions
Mordehay Medvedovsky: Dual array EEG-fMRI using standard 10-10 electrode locations
Juha Wilenius: MEG in parietal lobe epilepsy
Janne Holopainen: VideoMEG motion magnification – Revealing the unseen
Tuomas Mutanen: Getting the most out of your TMS-EEG measurement: Online and offline measures to deal with artifacts
Ritva Paetau: Sources of MEG spikes in children with suspected epileptic encephalopathy and frequent spikes during non-REM sleep
4.5.2017 10:00 am
Johanna Metsomaa: Datasta ohjautuvat menetelmät TMS:n aiheuttamien EEG-vasteiden analysoinnissa (rehearsal for Lectio Praecursoria; in Finnish)
Lari Koponen: Multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation device with electronic stimulation targeting
Suzanne Hut: Neural language control mechanisms differ for early acquired native languages
Andrey Zhdanov: Is your data analysis software lying to you?
Gabriele Arnulfo: Exploiting novel methods for SteroEEG recordings in mapping of human brain activity
Jaakko Nieminen: Multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation: instrumentation and applications
Pauliina Yrjölä: Modulations of EEG oscillations by rTMS during an object naming task
Hilla Paananen: Detecting high-frequency SEFs with the help of cross-validation methods
Antti Virtanen: Detecting patients’ motion from video: use of optical flow in video-MEG
Maria Nazarova: TMS motor mapping – any room for improvement?
Henri Lehtinen: Kielellisten toimintojen paikannus HYKS epilepsiakirurgiassa: TMS vs. subduraalielektrodit
Andrey Zhdanov: lectio praecursoria – Capturing complex behavior in brain imaging: strategies and instrumentation
Piia Lönnberg: Sensorimotor oscillations and response inhibition in extremely preterm and full term children
Anne-Mari Vitikainen: lectio praecursoria – Navigoidun transkraniaalisen magneettistimulaation käyttö ennen leikkausta tehtävissä toiminnallisten aivokuorialueiden kartoituksissa epilepsiapotilailla
Anastasia Shulga: Long-term paired associative stimulation in rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients: first steps